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Who's Talking

There’s a lot of chatter about new and innovative developments in the world of high performance materials. New laminates are helping manufacturers produce even higher density flexible circuits for advanced military applications. New cushioning and sealing products provide ultra-thin protection for sensitive electronics, robust gasketing, even 4-inch high heels! Here’s an interesting question: can comfort in a railcar seat cushion be reliably determined on a first impression? The answer is more involved than you might think.

How can you participate?

To help you keep pace, we are proud to present the Rogers Communities site. Here you can find a variety of conversations. Read the blogs to find out the latest buzz. Check out the action on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, too. Discuss anything and everything to do with high performance materials and their use. You can interact with the Rogers design experts from our 6 divisions: Advanced Connectivity Solutions, High Performance Foams, Durel Electronics and Lighting Solutions, Power Distribution Systems, Elastomer Components, and Thermal Management Solutions. Or you can talk amongst yourselves. The design engineering community thrives when we all work together for a better tomorrow.